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You've worked hard to build your business but do you have an exit strategy in place?

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Exiting your business may seem far off but planning now will reduce taxes, protect your wealth, and ensure you're prepared if you need to make an emergency exit. Most people don't know where to start so, at Finch Exit Strategies, we focus on teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to design a personalized business exit strategy. Our seminar, Exit Strategies 101, will teach you everything you need to know about succession planning, retirement planning, and tax solutions to save you money and safeguard wealth. We'll show you how to plan for a tax-efficient exit, how to retire with the most cash in your pocket, how to protect assets, and how to maximize profits between now and your exit.

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Business Exit Strategy Seminars

All you need to know about creating a solid business exit strategy.

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Why You Need an Exit Strategy

Learn why all business owners should have an exit strategy in place.

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategies Are Her Mission

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"We had a client who owned a thriving business and died suddenly at age 45. His wife intended - as she was grieving - to sell the business at a great profit. However, the manager of the business recruited the employees and set up shop TWO MILES AWAY. As my CPA firm helped her try and pick up the pieces and salvage what remained, I decided right then that exit strategies for small businesses - long-term and emergency - were going to become my mission in life."

-Sandra Finch, CPA