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Why You Need an Exit Strategy

create exit strategyNo one wants to think about facing a time when they're no longer able to work. You might have a basic idea of how to exit your business when the time comes but it could come sooner than you imagined.

Consider the story of woman we'll call Laura. She was a successful small business owner and perfectly healthy at age 54. She had a vague plan to start exiting her business by age 60. Laura stepped off a curb at an airport and broke her neck - literally. She was flown back home for surgery but lost her major client while recovering. She will never work again and was denied twice for Social Security disability. Now what?

The lesson is, all business owners should have an exit strategy in place for the future and in case of an emergency. But, even if you really want to be prepared, if you're like most people, you're so busy running your business and living your life that you have zero time to think about an exit strategy. The very thought of sorting out the details yourself is overwhelming but you know having a plan in place is critical to caring for yourself and your family. That's where we come in.

Learn How to Create an Exit Strategy

At Finch Exit Strategies, we deliver all the information you need in our Business Exit Strategies seminar.

This two-day intensive course answers all the tough questions and covers every single aspect of planning for the business exit - away from the office and phone calls and emails. You'll learn how to be ready for an unplanned exit, how to exit with the least taxes paid, how to retire with the most money in your pocket, and so much more.

Sign up today to start planning for your future with confidence.

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